Più libri più liberi Book Fair

The first fair dedicated to small and medium publishers, Più libri più liberi (also known as Rome Book Fair) conveys its message directly through its name: more books for more freedom. In 2017 the fair moved to the new congress center in Rome, La Nuvola, designed by the famous architect Massimiliano Fuksas: the exhibition space is bigger and the location renews the fair to meet the needs of publishers and visitors.

Più libri più liberi throughout the years has established itself as one of the most beloved in Italy, both by publishers and readers. Being held on the first weekend of December, it is also a remarkable occasion to start shopping for Christmas presents, a fact that obviously has positive financial outcome for participating publishers.

One of the peculiarities of the fair is also its attention to professional visitors. Although it is indeed a generalist fair, who never forgets that the reader is central to the well-being of the industry, the professional venue has acquired more and more importance throughout the years.

In 2018 the fair developed a new Rights Centre with an Invitation Program and a thematic Fellowship Program, focused this year on Children’s Books and Comics, which aims at suggesting a wide picture of the best small and medium independent publishers attending the exhibition to foreign publishers looking for Italian authors and books.

The fair also devotes a space to young people: a literary competition was created for children and teenagers in schools, while university students will be able to attend the fair free of charge.

The Program has helped many publishers creating relations that blossomed into useful collaboration and a continuous rights trade. Other important parts of the fair are its general programme, who always brings major authors and intellectuals to speak in front of interested crowds of readers and its professional programme, focused on bringing necessary knowledge to publishers.



La fiera

Più libri più liberi è la fiera di Roma dedicata esclusivamente all'editoria indipendente: cinque giornate dove scoprire le novità e i cataloghi di oltre 500 editori, incontrare autori, assistere a performance musicali, reading e dibattiti. Un'occasione da non perdere per lettori e addetti ai lavori.

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